Welcome To Regal Stud

Regal Stud is committed to producing quality Australian White Rams  for sale and for the current generation of commercial prime lamb producers.  By accessing the best available genetics in the country, we utilise breeding technologies to produce  a consistent line of rams, that are specifically designed for Australia’s harsh conditions.

Why Choose Australian Whites?

The Australian White Sheep breed was founded by three NSW sheep studs in an attempt to produce a haired, self-replacing meat sheep that required little maintenance. To achieve this, a combination of four breeds were tasked to provide specific traits to the breed: White Dorper, Poll Dorset, Texel and Van Rooy. As is evident by the current Australian White Sheep, the process was extremely successful.

Gone are the long Summer days spent treating fly blown sheep, and the seemingly never-ending tasks of dipping, crutching and shearing. A great deal of consideration has gone into the development of Australian Whites to forge a significant advantage over other meat sheep breeds:

  • Haired – full hair shedding pattern
  • Black feet – Hard feet that don’t splay in soft soil conditions
  • Pigmented points – Nose and skin around tail are pigmented to reduce sun damage/cancer
  • Strong legs – Other shedding meat sheep breeds have issues with short legs that cannot withstand a fast growth rate.
  • Self-Replacing – high fertility and an open breeding season; rams can run with ewes all year round.

Australian Whites are perfect for the prime lamb producer or mixed farming enterprises that struggle to find enough time to attend to duties that fall under the job description of the ‘Australian Farmer’.

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