Winter 2018 Lambs

The beginning of the cold season saw the first of our 2018 stud lambs born – the Orange taggers! A total of 58 lambs are on the ground, all sired by Tattykeel 161515. We have been patiently anticipating their arrival, keen to see what influence this sire would have on our lambs. It’s safe to say that we are not disappointed.

Given the current drought and extreme dry conditions being experienced by many NSW producers, we are extremely pleased with the progress and condition of these lambs. Looking at the lambs at marking time (6 weeks), one would never guess the conditions the ewes and lambs have faced. They are all in excellent condition and have once again reaffirmed our love for the breed. I would highly recommend Australian Whites to absolutely anyone, but particularly those producers that run commercial sheep in tough conditions of western NSW and into QLD. They are truly remarkable mothers, that hold condition so well and the lambs are extremely strong and fast growing, seemingly regardless of how tough the season may be.

We now just need to cross our fingers and pray for some rain! We wish all producers well and hope the winter treats you kindly. Feel free to send us any updates on your Aussie Whites, we’d love to hear how they are all fairing.

– Tyler Stewart