Stud Australian White Sheep Embryo Program

In November 2020, we carried out another ET program with 25 of our best young Australian White stud ewes. We used semen from Tattykeel 190205, who we purchased from their annual sale for $19,000. The donor ewes averaged just over 6 embryos per head, giving a total of 151 embryos that were implanted.

April 2021, saw the 95 recipient ewes lamb down in what was a cold and windy week.  We unfortunately lost a few lambs to foxes and the poor weather conditions. We will certainly be lambing down in the shed for our next program!

The ET lambs were marked at 6 weeks of age, and then weaned at 12 weeks. They are certainly the best lambs we have bred and we are extremely excited to watch them develop into prominent sires and future breeders. They encompass all the quality traits that Australian White Sheep are renowned for – excellent hair pattern, black points, excellent balance and carcass structure and extremely quick to grow. Check them out here > ET Ram Lambs ET Ewe Lambs

If you are interested in any stud or commercial Australian White Sheep, please get in contact with us and register your interest.