About Us


Regal Stud is located 11km from Inverell, Nth NSW. It is owned and operated by Dave and Tyler Stewart. From what started out as a venture to purchase Australian White Rams to service our commercial White Dorper flock, a keen interest and proven results has lead to the establishment of our Stud.


Working within the family businesses of mixed farming/grazing and grain trading enterprises saw little spare time and a never-ending workload that is common amongst wool sheep. The introduction of Australian Whites has proved to be a massive advantage, freeing up time to concentrate on the myriad of curveballs that mixed farming throws.

Many farmers face similar challenges and are looking for an easier alternative for prime lamb production. With the positive low-maintenance and highly productive attributes of Australian Whites, combined with their innate ability to thrive in all conditions, it’s easy to see why there is such a demand for Australian White Sheep.


Regal Stud is a registered member of the Australian White Sheep Breeders Association (AWSBA), Brucellosis Accredited and from an OJD free area. With any ram purchase, we will provide a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing purebred Australian White stock. We can also issue full pedigrees at your request.